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School of Accounting

Simanye Bursary Programme

In 2016 we are running an exciting project for 1st year BCom students, called the Simanye Project.

The Simanye Program will help you with academic and financial assistance so that you can focus on your studies and not worry about things like finding money to buy text books, stationery, transport, or even buying airtime/data.

It is specifically aimed at helping students succeed in their first year of study, but more than that, build a strong foundation which will ensure you are the best student you can be throughout your degree program.



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By submitting this form, I hereby apply for the extra interventions.

If accepted onto the programme, I understand that all sessions are compulsory and that an amount will be charged to my student account for interventions.

I also hereby give permission for my academic results to be made available to the sponsors.

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Heather Cousins-Fana