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School of Accounting

NMMU offers a wide range of career focused and professional programmes as well as general academic programmes. The success of our career-focused programmes lies in the hands-on involvement of industry and business.

We have various Undergraduate Programmes.

Higher Certificate Programme:

  • Higher Certificate in Accountancy
    • (Offered in Port Elizabeth only)

Diploma Programmes:

  • Diploma in Accountancy
    • (Offered in Port Elizabeth only)

Degree Programmes:

  • BCom General Accounting
    • (Offered in PE and George)
  • BCom Chartered Accountancy
    • (Offered in PE and George) 
  • BCom Accounting Sciences in
    • Law
    • Computer Science & Information Systems
    • Economics or Business Management
    • (Offered in Port Elizabeth only) 

For general information about the School of Accounting, download our Faculty Prospectus here: 2015-BES-Prospectus

The School of Accounting is well-known for the excellent results and for the high employment rate of its graduates.


For more information about our degree and diploma programmes please view the brochures below:






Contact information
Miss Lona Thomas
Marketing and Engagement Officer
Tel: 0415042620

Clayton Kensley
Marketing and Engagement Officer
Tel: 0415044690