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School of Accounting


 “The Thuthuka Programme has provided me with comprehensive learning through study sessions and various workshops provided. It has taught me fundamental pervasive skills. The Thuthuka Programme is not just a bursary fund but a supportive family that inspires all its members to succeed.” 

 - Bongeka Mbonisweni

2nd Year BCom Chartered Accounting



"After being exposed to university life I realised how lucky I was to be part of the Thuthuka Programme as it helped me adapt to the fast pace of learning in university. It is always reassuring to know that I've got a solid support structure that has become like a family to me on my journey to successfully completing my Accounting studies.“

 - Nhlakanipo Meke

1st Year BCom Chartered Accounting



Thuthuka made me realise that I need to believe in myself and it enabled me to ask myself "If I don't believe in myself, who will?" I also learnt that anything can be achieved through hard work and dedication.”

 - Cyrilene Prins

1st Year BCom Chartered Accounting



"The journey to success is not easy, it takes dedication and a positive attitude to push the boundaries and run after your dreams, the Thuthuka Bursary Fund has taught me to always make education my passion and remember at all times that I am destined for greatness. Today I smile and look forward to the day when I'll stand tall and say ‘I am a Thuthuka CA!”

 - Khanyisa Hobana


1st Year BCom Chartered Accounting



“The Thuthuka Bursary Programme has helped my life in an amazing way, in spite of releasing all the financial strain one has and helping you to focus more on your career. The programme provides more than one could expect, emotional support and how to cope with your studies, tutors to assist when you have a problem with one of the modules, there is so much that the programme has done that not even words could explain.” 

 - Zizipho Majezi


1st Year BCom Chartered Accounting


“The NMMU Thuthuka programme removes all the academic barriers and disadvantages that one faces when they come to university. As a Thuthuka student, you receive the best academic support which definitely gives you an edge over  students that are not on the programme. Coming to NMMU and choosing the Thuthuka bursary above other lucrative bursaries are one of the best decisions I have made in the past 4 years.”

 - Khanya Ndzululeka


BCom Honours (Accounting)