Change the world

School of Accounting


"The university environment is an excellent place  where you can discover things about yourself that you never knew about before. I enjoy the challenges that university life presents and the vast variety of people that it has exposed me to. What I enjoy about NMMU is the quality of my lecturers and their professionalism." 

- Ankit Neglur,

Rationum (Computer Science & Information Systems)


"Studying at our School of Accounting is one of the best opportunities one can get in life if you want to end up an educated, well rounded individual that can face any challenge life can possibly throw at you. You will not only obtain a degree but you will grow into a leader that will inspire others.”

-Monique Westraadt,

3rd Year BCom Chartered Accounting


"I love how relaxed our university environment is.  Its so much easier to get work done somewhere like NMMU which has good vibes, a beach next door and a 'shoes are optional' policy.” 

- Kirsty-Lee Fouche

3rd Year BCom Rationum(Law)


“There is no place like NMMU and I would not give up my experience at NMMU to attend any other university, the culture and diversity at NMMU energizes people and encourages people to be more than what they ever throught they could be."

- Kyle de Klerk,

3rd Year BCom Chartered Accounting



"Its not about what you do with your friends, its more about how you do it with then that makes them friends for life“

- Tebogo Moshogotle,

3rd Year BCom Chartered Accounting