The School of Accounting would like to welcome five Academic Trainees for the 2016 academic year:

The 2016 Academic Trainees are, from left above: Alex Riddell, Jennilee Oosthuizen, Tebogo Moshogotle, Tamryn Smith and Kirsten Illenberger



The SA Institute of Chartered Accountants’ Academic Traineeship Programme (ATP) provides top quality Chartered Accountancy graduates with an opportunity to further develop their Technical and Professional skills within the academic environment. This is achieved by trainees serving one year (namely the first year) of the three years of their training contract at an accredited university such as NMMU as an academic trainee (AT).

Academic Trainees (ATs) are exposed to various facets of academia during this year, including:

  • Lecturing
  • Tutoring
  • Preparation of course material
  • Preparation of assessments
  • Marking
  • Research

and as such gain an array of skills.


Who should consider partaking in the ATP at NMMU?

  • Students who display academic excellence in their CTA (Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting) year of study;
  • Students who have an interest in intellectual enquiry and wish to study further; and
  • Students who enjoy tutoring, teaching and interacting with people.

Essentially the ATP is a must for high performing students with a passion for learning and the development of others.

(Note: There are rules relating to the ATP, as prescribed by SAICA, which are available on this page as a file you can download or they can be accessed on SAICA’s website


Benefits of partaking in the ATP at NMMU

  • The first of the three years of the SAICA training contract will be completed by working within the NMMU School of Accounting (with the second and third years served at the training office) which allows for a more diverse training contract during which a broader array of skills is developed.
  • It is an opportunity to develop key professional skills, over and above those developed in the training programme as well as strengthen technical skills.
    • This is beneficial in light of the new SAICA Part II examination, known as the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC), which is based on a multidisciplinary case study.
  • The ability to study further during the training contract with the support of academic staff and subsidised tuition fees (e.g. commence with Masters studies – coursework or treatise).
  • Further development of communication and presentation skills (an essential skill required by business leaders).
  • Exposure to ‘life as an academic’, providing ATs with the greater chance of securing a future position in academia.
  • ATs are respected by their training offices and often entrusted with more responsibility as a result of their experience and skills gained.


Note: Besides the ATP, there are other internship opportunities within the NMMU School of Accounting that all accounting postgraduate students (including non-CA) can apply for. Please contact Mrs Bashlique Hayes on 041 504 2904 for more information in this regard. 

Contact information
Mrs Suzette Snyders
Module Coordinator Lecturer: Accounting 2
Tel: 041 504 4562