The School provides its students with a “student centred” teaching approach, including the following interventions:

  • High quality course material
  • Small group tutorials
  • Weekly assignments
  • Regular formative assessment
  • Facility for individual consultation with lecturers when necessary.

Lectures, tutorials, assignments and discussion classes are used to transmit knowledge to the student while regular tests and exams assess the performance of the student during the year.

Whilst the student is responsible for his/her own learning, it is the lecturer’s responsibility to provide resources which enable the student to learn efficiently and effectively. Students are encouraged to develop responsibility for their own learning and thereby acquire the ability to become lifelong learners.


Mainly because of a high ratio of students to staff the courses are predominantly lecture based and the lectures are used as the main medium for transmitting accounting knowledge and also demonstrating accounting skills.


Weekly assignments give students the opportunity to practise the skills learnt during lectures in their own time. Suggested solutions are provided to enable students to identify and learn from their mistakes.


The functions of the tutorial sessions are to:

  • give students the opportunity to practise and consolidate their skills and to clarify points raised during the lectures.
  • enable students and/or their tutors to identify and diagnose any learning problems they may have by:
    • giving students the chance to ask questions arising from their private study assignments,
    • ensuring that the tutor has time to comment on any written work which s/he has marked.
  • give the lecturers, through the tutors, as much feedback as possible on the effectiveness of the lectures and teaching materials and on students' progress.

Discussion Classes

Discussion classes give students the opportunity to interact with the lecturer, to ask questions and to have sections of work revisited.


Tests are used by the school and students as a form of continuous assessment.


Exams are used as final evaluation of a student's ability to apply the skills and knowledge learnt during the year (or semester).