To make a significant contribution to the education of professional accountants and those who wish to make a meaningful contribution to financial reporting, control and management in the private and public sectors by:

  • providing high quality, relevant education;
  • undertaking scholarly activity, including research;
  • maintaining close links with the accounting profession and professional bodies; and
  • taking cognisance of the socio-political environment in which we operate.

Our Aim:

In recognizing the increasingly important role that will be played by accountants and financial managers in the management of resources in the economy in order to ensure sustained economic growth, the School of Accounting aims to make a significant contribution to the education of accountants.  Whilst the primary focus is on accounting professionals at the highest level, we aim to make a contribution to the education of accountants and financial managers at other levels.

In order to achieve the above, we offer the following:

  • SAICA accredited degree programmes for aspiring Chartered Accountants (SA), i.e., the undergraduate BCom (Accounting for Chartered Accountants) and BCom Accounting Sciences programmes and the postgraduate BCom Honours (Accounting) programme;
  • Undergraduate degree programmes where students can major in Accounting, without following the CA route (e.g. the BCom General Accounting, BTech Internal Auditing and BTech Cost and Management Accounting);
  • Diploma programmes, i.e. the Diploma in Accountancy or the National Diploma in Financial Information Systems;
  • Postgraduate coursework degree programmes, i.e. the BCom Honours (Accounting), the Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy, the Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Auditing, the MCom Taxation and the MTech (Cost and Management Accounting);
  • Postgraduate research degree programmes, i.e. MCom (Accounting), DCom (Accounting) and PhD(Accounting).