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School of Accounting


"The Tegkor Bursary presents its students with a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community and to develop holistically. It is an amazing programme to be part of and I'm truly blessed."

 - Nhlakanipo Meke

1st Year BCom Chartered Accounting



“Receiving the Tegkor bursary meant taking a burden of financial distress from my shoulders and enable me to focus on my studies.The School of Accounting truly cares for its students and provide them with excellent education.”

 - Ilanie Barnard


BCom Honours (Accounting)


“The Tegkor bursary has made my life convenient by removing me the burden of having to worry about registration fees and textbooks of which are of paramount importance, and has allowed me the opportunity to focus on what matters most. In those words thanks very much to both Tegkor  and the School of Accounting.”

 - Sizwe Madyo


Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy



“The School of Accounting at NMMU really cares about its students and puts a lot of effort in to ensure their wellness. Receiving the Tegkor Bursary has made it possible to attend university knowing that everything is in order and help is always nearby.”

 - Joshua Oliver

1st Year BCom Chartered Accounting



“The School of Accounting always puts an extra effort in assisting its students achieve their  desired goals as smooth as possible. Receiving the Tegkor Bursary has helped reduce the  financial strain on my mother. She is a single parent of three with responsibilities that exceed her monthly income. Had I not received the bursary I would have been faced with enormous challenges that only God knows how I would have overcame. I  will forever be thankful to everybody that was involved in lending this very helpful hand.”

 - Sthabile Gambushe


Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Auditing 


“Throughout my studies at the NMMU school of accounting there has been many opportunities, like the Tegkor bursary! Being a student is challenging, not only the academic side but also the financial side. The Tegkor bursary helped to eliminate one of my worries as a student so that I can concentrate fully on my academics!”

 - Monique Westraadt


3rd Year BCom Chartered Accounting



Tegkor bursary has made a big impact in my life, it has changed my situation showing that there is light at the end of the tunnel.When I was hopeless and ready to give up on my dreams, this bursary came and now I don’t have to stress about getting to my destination.”

 - Olwethu Maqubela


Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy


“This course is challenging, you cannot survive it on your own. One needs support, motivation and all the assistance you could possibly get. Therefore Tegkor has not only helped me financially but it has opened so many doors for me to network with other students who are facing the same dilemmas, overcoming it and moving forward. I am able to be more interactive with the lecturers and will forever be grateful.”

 - Nadia Venter


3rd Year BCom Chartered Accounting



“I really feel cared for as we have mentoring meetings and my academic record is tracked, i feel like i am not alone in this foreign land and that someone really cares about my success.  I am a socially responsible person and the bursary has made me want to do even more and also reinforced the fact that i need to plough back to my community and not prosper in academics only but in all areas of my life.  The bursary has also eased the burden of financial strain on my parents.”

 - Nancy Tadhuvana


2nd Year BCom Chartered Accounting